Finding Joy With Your Loved Ones During the Holidays

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Every year again, the holiday season brings a heap of emotions with them. Stress, joy, happiness, sadness, and everything in between. Nope, you’re really not alone in this 😉 But why is it that the holidays bring up all the feels? And how can we best cope with them?

As much joy as we want to have, and as much joy as we do have, it’s also really hard on our mental health. Period.

Finding joy during the holidays: why is it so hard?

The holiday season is always a hard time, aside from the extra stress from the pandemic. But why is it such a hard time? For most people, it’s a combination of the following:

  • There are a lot of things going on during the holiday season, causing extra pressure.
  • The lack of routine is difficult for many people, especially young kids.
  • You might be hosting a holiday celebration, adding extra tasks to your to-do list ánd additional pressure.
  • Often, people struggle with a shift in tradition. This can be caused by the pandemic, but also for example when all of a sudden there are newborns in the family or kids are growing older and going their own ways.
  • We all set expectations about how it’s going to be and how we’re going to feel, but actually humans are really bad at predicting that. So when something doesn’t go as planned, we can experience stress.
  • Being together with your extended family, often means you take in your old childhood role. And not everyone will be happy with that…

So, we know why it’s a hard time. Now what can we do about it? We all have our own tips and tricks to stay true to our values during the holidays and to blow off steam. Curious? We tell you all about them in today’s episode.

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In this episode on finding joy during the holidays, we cover:

  • Why the holidays always bring up all the feels;
  • Ways to get closer to the kind of holidays you want to have;
  • How to keep our values at the forefront of what we’re doing;
  • How to stay centered on who we are and who we want to be.

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