For Teenagers: Here’s How Therapists See Mental Health at This Stage of the Pandemic

Podcast Therapists image with three therapists and their logo for their episode for teenagers about mental health in this stage of the pandemic.

This week we’re speaking directly to the teens. Is this you?

  • You dread going to school
  • School feels empty
  • You’re feeling disconnected from friends
  • School or socializing in general feel really hard

We talk to teenagers on a daily basis in our therapy sessions and let us tell you this: What you’re experiencing is completely normal and you are not alone.

But why am I feeling like this?

Let us explain this to you with a metaphor:

Before the pandemic, you were lifting a 5 pound weight every day for school and social stuff. Then the pandemic hit and you put the weight down. You learned new skills but you didn’t have to use that weight for a year and a half. Going back to school this fall, you had to pick up the weight again. But not only are you out of practice, the weight is also a 10 pound weight now. So it’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable and it might hurt sometimes. But if you keep picking up that weight, if you stick with it and keep lifting, you’re going to get stronger and it’s going to feel more manageable.

“To expect yourself to just walk in and be able to master something
immediately is a lot, that’s a big ask”

– Sarah

In this 15-minute episode, we talk more about the what, why and how. We kept it short, promise.

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In this episode on teenagers & mental health we cover:

  • What we see many teenagers are experiencing going back to school at this stage of the pandemic;
  • Where these feelings are coming from;
  • Why it is normal to feel this way;
  • Tips to get through and things to do if you need more help.

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