Disordered Eating – Part 4: Signs and Symptoms of Disordered Eating

Do you know what signs and symptoms to look out for to recognize when your kid might have an eating disorder? If you’re not sure, that’s totally fine. It’s a thin line after all. That’s why in this 4th episode of our Disordered Eating series, we’re discussing these signs and symptoms with daily life examples. We’re also discussing what you can do when you’re noticing these things and what steps to take next.

Disordered Eating – Part 3: The Basics of Intuitive Eating With Ashleigh Sellman, RD

Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Sounds easy, right? Because of our upbringing and the culture we live in, it’s actually harder than it sounds.

Disordered Eating – Part 2: Be a Good Role Model

One of the main things that help children figure out what their ideas around body image are, is the way the adults around them feel and talk about it. Not only about bodies in general but also about their own.

Child and Adolescent Suicide

Did you know that, in the United States, emergency room visits for suicide attempts for adolescent girls in early 2021 rose 51% compared to the same period in 2019?

There’s a serious mental health crisis going on for kids and adolescents. As therapists, we’ve known this for a while but now studies are backing up what we’ve seen and there’s an increase in media attention around the topic.

Parenting Strategies When Kids Come Home From College

It’s the holiday season! And that means that college kids are coming home for their long winter break. There will be excitement, there will be nervousness, even some anger probably. All the feels will come up for parents and kids alike. That’s why today we’re sharing some tips & strategies on how to make this time run smoothly, we talk about why it’s hard, and also ways to find joy and honor these new adults that are coming into your life.

[REWIND] How to Deal with Anxiety

After re-releasing our most listened episode about how we explain anxiety to kids and families last week, we decided to keep the momentum going and share with you the other episodes from our anxiety series. Emerging two episodes into one, today’s episode is all about how to deal with anxiety, both your own and your kid’s.

[REWIND] How We Explain Anxiety to Kids and Families

It’s that time of the year again: school is up and running, the holidays are coming up and anxiety is on the rise in both kids and families. That’s why we decided to rerelease our favorite and most listened-to podcast episode today. It’s the one we send out to our clients the most because we know how helpful it is.

LGBTQ+: How To Respond When Your Child Is Coming Out To You

Today’s generation of teens is incredibly accepting of each other, and families, parents are more accepting too. Both this and even the pandemic have resulted in kids coming out earlier than even a few years ago.

But what’s the best way to respond when your kid (or your friend’s kid) comes out to you?