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[REWIND] Parents Have Feelings, Too

Do you ever feel confused about how you are supposed to talk about your feelings as a parent? On the one hand, we are supposed to “shield” our children from the ups and downs of life and not talk about our feelings. On the other hand, aren’t we supposed to model healthy emotional expression and teach them that feelings are important?

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Cutting the Cord – Cell Phone Use in Schools

Although mentally, we might not be 100% ready for this yet, the new school year is around the corner, and we need to talk about it. The subject of going back to school is coming up more and more during therapy sessions, and today we’re having a conversation about a frequently recurring subject: cell phones. More specifically: cell phone use in school for middle schoolers and teenagers.

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What Can We Expect For the Post-Pandemic School Year?

It may seem a bit early to some, but more than ever, we already see anxiety about the upcoming school year come up in therapy sessions. This upcoming school year will be different, that’s for sure, and everyone will deal with it in a different way. Based on what we see happening in both our clients and our own kids, we talk about the patterns we’re already seeing and expect to see during the school year ahead.

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Preparing Kids to Go Back to School

Kids are going back to school! Are your kids nervous? Mad? Excited? Proud? It all makes sense! And we are here to give you a roadmap for their transition. And yours. Tune in for our six steps to get your family through the next few weeks, starting with “Create Your Comfort Zone” and ending with “Practice Your Routine.” This is going to be hard, friends, but it will be so worth it when you can listen to Michael Barbaro as loud as you want while you’re not cleaning the house because the KIDS WON’T BE THERE!!!