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How Do I Know if My Kid Needs a Therapist?

Have you ever wondered if your child need therapy? Us too, and we’re therapists! It’s an especially hard time right now for mental health, and we will let you know some of the signs around sadness, anxiety, and anger that may indicate that calling a therapist is a good idea. We will also remind you that a lot of these hard feelings and behaviors are normal, especially during a pandemic.

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Talking to Kids About Grief

Due to Covid, more children and parents are grappling with grief than ever in our lifetime. We cover what you might see from children through this process. We also discuss how to talk to your kids about death and dying and offer ideas for how to help them with their feelings. If you or a friend are grieving the death of a loved one, we are incredibly sorry for your loss and hope we can offer you this sliver of support.