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[REWIND] How We Explain Anxiety to Kids and Families

It’s that time of the year again: school is up and running, the holidays are coming up and anxiety is on the rise in both kids and families. That’s why we decided to rerelease our favorite and most listened-to podcast episode today. It’s the one we send out to our clients the most because we know how helpful it is.

LGBTQ+: How To Respond When Your Child Is Coming Out To You

Today’s generation of teens is incredibly accepting of each other, and families, parents are more accepting too. Both this and even the pandemic have resulted in kids coming out earlier than even a few years ago.

But what’s the best way to respond when your kid (or your friend’s kid) comes out to you?

For Teenagers: Here’s How Therapists See Mental Health at This Stage of the Pandemic

This week we’re speaking directly to the teens. 

If you’re dreading going to school, school feels empty, you’re feeling disconnected from friends or socializing and school in general are feeling hard, we want you to know that this is completely normal and you’re not alone. 

The Adventure of Fatherhood: Strategies for Connection With Jason Frishman, Psy.D.

Surprise, surprise: we’re bringing Jason Frishman back on today!

In the Journeyman Foundation, Jason’s coaching group for fathers, Jason and the other fathers talk about how daily life is an adventure and fatherhood a journey. Lucky for us, Jason will be sharing his favorite tools to stay connected with your families so you can start applying these things at home today.

Welcome to Podcast Therapists!

We are family therapists hoping to help hard-working parents and guardians understand the insanity of family life in light of psychological theory and research. This means that we tell embarrassing stories about our kids and then explain what the real experts would say. Join us as we analyze everything from talking to your kids about sex, raising kids during a pandemic and all the normal stressors too. Come take a seat on our couch!

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