Pandemic Flux Parenting – The New Term for What We’ve ALL Been Feeling!

Have you been experiencing spikes of anxiety or depression lately? Or do you sometimes just feel numb? Maybe you’ve been feeling the desire to drastically change something about your life?

Let us tell you this: you’re not alone and there’s nothing wrong with you.

What you’re experiencing is called Pandemic Flux and it has exactly those symptoms.

Fatherhood as Social Activism: An Interview With Journeyman Founder Jason Frishman, Psy.D.

Fatherhood. What does it mean to you?

Inter-generationally and culturally, we’ve passed down gender roles but things are changing and we find ourselves on a massive turning point. As a society, we’re redefining what it means to be a man, a father.

Post Partum Anxiety: A Deep Dive With Kayla Hayes

Today’s important topic is not only for moms to be, as many people might think. As we’re taking a deep dive into post partum anxiety and depression with Kayla Hayes, it becomes clear that the knowledge that’s being shared today is important for both moms and dads. Whether you plan on having a baby, your third child is on the way or you’re looking at your pregnancy retrospectively, today’s episode is for you.

How to Show Your Kids You’re Truly Listening

We expect our kids to listen but they expect the same thing from us. And even though we might feel like we’re listening to them, to our kids it can feel like we’re not. The issue here is not that we’re not good listeners, it’s probably more that we’re not good at showing them that we’re listening.

Comeback Kids: An Interview With Jacquelyn Lazo on Post-Pandemic Parenting

Our kids are resilient. True comeback kids. Still, this specific time in the pandemic is a hard one for kids and parents alike. Why is that? And how do we help our kids around this pandemic?

[REWIND] Parents Have Feelings, Too

Do you ever feel confused about how you are supposed to talk about your feelings as a parent? On the one hand, we are supposed to “shield” our children from the ups and downs of life and not talk about our feelings. On the other hand, aren’t we supposed to model healthy emotional expression and teach them that feelings are important?

Back-to-School Meltdowns in 2021 – The Post Pandemic Edition

Back-to-school meltdowns: they’re nothing new. But that doesn’t make them any easier. And (surprise, surprise!) after being out of school for so long due to the pandemic, we expect things to be a bit different than usual.

Pandemic parenting 2.0: dealing with your own trauma first

Pandemic parenting in 2021: the struggle is real. We know because we’re right there with you. With the school year starting soon, and so many things being unsure, everyone has their own concerns. Many people’s trauma from last year is being triggered again and pandemic parenting can become a struggle.

Mental Health for Young Athletes – Part 2: What Can We Learn From Simone Biles? – With Michael Atunrase

This week, coach Mike is back and he’s showing his perspective on Simone Biles’ Olympic performances and what lessons we can learn from them. Michael Atunrase is not only the founder and head coach of Resilience Fitness & Sports Performance Training, but he is also a mental health advocate. He shares our belief that mental health should be an equally important part of sports training, as are warm-ups, strength training, and cardio.

Cutting the Cord – Cell Phone Use in Schools

Although mentally, we might not be 100% ready for this yet, the new school year is around the corner, and we need to talk about it. The subject of going back to school is coming up more and more during therapy sessions, and today we’re having a conversation about a frequently recurring subject: cell phones. More specifically: cell phone use in school for middle schoolers and teenagers.