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An Introduction to Anti-Racism and Equity Work with Nicole Osei, M.Ed., MSW

Today we bring in Nicole Osei,M.Ed., MSW, Anti-Racist Consultant and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Coach and one of Amanda’s oldest and dearest friends (yes, my friend’s are brilliant!). As three white women running a podcast and business, we want to make sure that we are doing our own anti-racist work everyday. Fortunately, Nicole agreed to record our conversation so you could hear her share her experience, enlighten us, and teach us about anti-racism and DEI. Nicole also gave us one of the greatest nuggets about anxiety and white supremacy that we have ever heard– and I (Amanda) have used it in almost every therapy session since.

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How to Deal with Anxiety – Part 2

Today, we talk about how we teach parents and children how to manage their anxiety when it gets high — anywhere from 5 to 10 on our anxiety scale 🙂 We talk about what high anxiety thoughts sound like in our heads, what happens to our body when we get anxious, and strategies we use to bring ourselves back down to baseline. We also discuss how anxiety has impacted us in OUR lives and the strategies that we have relied on the most (it’s different for all of us!).

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How to Deal with Anxiety – Part 1

In our 2nd session on anxiety, we deep dive into all the ways we help clients MANAGE their feelings of worry, starting with proactive, or lifestyle, strategies. We give you hints on improving:

1. Exercise

2. Eating habits
3. Sleep
4. Psychoeducation on how anxiety works

All in an effort to reduce anxiety before it even starts! We also describe reactive strategies, or skills to use when the anxiety starts creeping in! We explain signs and symptoms of low level anxiety and describe our best breathing strategies, apps, and methods to stay in the here and now.