Trusting Yourself as a Mother With Casey Wilson

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Do you ever struggle trusting yourself and your intuition as a mother? 

Amanda and Sarah have been there. And Caroline will be 😉
Our very special guest Casey Wilson has been there.
We believe we all do sometimes. Especially in the beginning.

Casey Wilson (actress, NYT bestselling author, director, podcaster, and mom), takes us on her journey of motherhood and learning how to trust her intuition as a mother. Her story is truly inspiring and we’re very excited to share it with you today.

Casey’s journey of learning to trust herself as a mother

When her firstborn was just a baby, Casey found herself in a situation that she now describes as one of the biggest mistakes of her life. Looking back, she was not listening to her intuition and ignoring the million red flags. Why? Because she felt insecure about parenting and didn’t trust herself and her intuition as a mother.

I had no idea if I had any intuition surrounding parenting.

Casey Wilson

She shares her story today and walks us through how she got from there to truly feeling that she knows what’s best for her child. You don’t want to miss this.

Picture of Casey Wilson, who's guesting on Podcast Therapists today, where she shares her journey of learning to trust herself and her intuition as a mother.
We can’t wait for you to hear Casey Wilson’s story!

More about Casey Wilson

Casey Wilson is an actress, writer, director and podcaster. Her TV acting credits include Happy Endings, Saturday Night Live, Easy Mark, Marry Me, Black Monday, Mrs. Fletcher, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Her film credits include Gone Girl, Julie and Julia, and Always be My Maybe. Casey co-wrote and co-starred in the movies Bride Wars and Ass Backwards with her longtime collaborator June Diane Raphael. Alongside Danielle Schneider, she co-hosts the hit podcast Bitch Sesh. Her directorial debut, Daddio, premiered at SXSW and TIFF. Casey lives with her husband and two young sons in Los Angeles.

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In this episode on trusting yourself as a mother, we cover:

  • Casey’s story on learning to trust herself as a mother;
  • Your changing roles as a parent during different stages of your child’s life;
  • What it feels like to learn to trust yourself;
  • & more.

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