How We Explain Anxiety to Kids and Families

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Anxiety is so misunderstood! In Session 1 of our 4-part Anxiety Series, we talk about how we explain anxiety in all its glory to the children and families that walk through our door. If you or your child worries, gets grumpy, is a perfectionist, puts tons of pressure on themselves, or has difficulty sleeping— this is the podcast for you! We discuss the relationship between anxiety, sensitivity, empathy, motivation, and super powers all in this one episode. And we have our talking points down, because this is the conversation we have with most of our clients and their families! We also reveal a little about how anxiety/sensitivity impacts our own lives, because we wouldn’t be therapists without it! So subscribe and follow along, because next week we are going to give you all of the details on how to actually MANAGE your anxiety when it’s getting in the way. Have a great week!

Disclaimer: Please remember we are real live therapists, however this is a podcast and is not considered a therapy session. Not only because there is no co-pay but also because we can’t speak to your individual experiences. We are here to help you keep raising healthy kids. And remember, if you are an imperfect parent, we are right there with you. If you or someone you love is in immediate danger, please call your local crisis hotline or go to your nearest emergency room.